пятница, 20 марта 2015 г.

Coverity scan results for KF5

I have initiated coverity scan for 96 KF5 repositories out of 233 available to kdesrc-build. All the rest didn't build on my machine either because debian still ships Qt 5.3 or for some other reason. The scan has found 610 new defects, and there are more pre-existing ones that were found two years ago.

Please have a look at the results and fix defects that are in the code you know. If you still are not a member of 'KDE' project @scan.coverity.com please register there and send a membership request. Being a member means that you can mark defects as 'done' or 'false positive'.

I will retrigger scan in several weeks.

суббота, 20 декабря 2014 г.

Lokalize for KF5, Windows and OS X

...and how to implement KUniqueApplication functionality on win+osx (scroll down for this).

I have finished porting Lokalize to KF5, you can build it using kdesrc-build script.

Also I'm working on a stripped down version of Lokalize for Windows and for OS X which doesn't need KDE. Follow the links to get .exe and .app prebuilt for you (Windows XP+, OS X 10.9+)

Remember this is the first public preview release, so don't expect more than simple editing of PO and XLIFF files. Features that are missing but are planned for integration into win+osx versions:
- File search and replace window with Quality Assurance feature
- Spellchecking
- Stemming for the glossary
- Calling odf2xliff and xliff2odf console tools from Lokalize
- Polishing

Please report bugs, crashes and features you would like to be implemented first down in the comments.

KUniqueApplication: please see a code inside Q_OS_WIN32 in main.cpp for the way how to open files in an app instance that is already running. For OS X you only need to install an event filter on qApp that reacts to QFileOpenEvent event.

среда, 25 июня 2014 г.

Lokalize for KDE5, QThreadPool

Hello everyone. I have started porting Lokalize to KDE5. Lokalize is computer-aided translation system that can be used to translate KDE and any other open source project into differenet human languages.

Currently it starts and even loads .po files, as well as adds them to translation memory.

During the porting i found out that ThreadWeaver has changed dramatically and decided to port to QThreadPool instead. The only feature missing in QThreadPool for me is dequeueing individual jobs (that have not been stated to execute yet). I have implemented this feature and created the jira issue with patch review request. So if any of Qt developers read this, I ask you to review this short patch so that it ends up in Qt 5.4.

среда, 20 июня 2012 г.

non-distracting movie playback in kubuntu/vlc

For quite some i tried to find a way how to stop my screen (and projector) turning off during movie playback every 10 minutes. also i'm using the latest standard kubuntu, various googled solutions didn't help.
Now i found the solution: i added a 'xset s off' line to /usr/bin/startkde init script and everything is great now.
If you suffer from the same problem, please vote for the issue i have filled for the vlc player

суббота, 14 апреля 2012 г.

making kubuntu use less memory

i run kubuntu on a 1gb ram netbook, and optimizing KDE memory usage is cruicial for me because i use this machine for development (kdevelop is a large beast, and i want to have chromium and gcc running as well). I'd like to share a few tips to achieve that.

1. sudo apt-get install kubuntu-low-fat-settings
2. if you don't need bluetooth: sudo apt-get purge bluez* bluedevil
3. sudo apt-get purge akonadi-backend-mysql mysql* (this will automatically install sqlite backend)
4. if you don't use activities: sudo rm /usr/share/kde4/services/kactivitymanagerd.desktop (i filled bug 298088 with request to make kactivitymanagerd ran only when really needed)
5. if you don't need akonadi: sudo rm /usr/share/autostart/akonaditray.desktop
6. if you don't use nepomuk (i.e. disabled it in systemsettings): sudo rm /usr/share/autostart/nepomukserver.desktop
7. sudo rm /usr/share/autostart/kaddressbookmigrator.desktop
8. if you don't use printer often: sudo rm /usr/share/autostart/printer-applet.desktop (you can still start this applet manually by issuing 'printer-applet' command in konsole)
9. sudo mv /etc/rc5.d/S50saned /etc/rc5.d/K50saned

(hint by Dave: instead of removing .desktop files, just do 'cp FILE ~/.kde/share/autostart && echo Hidden=true >> ~/.kde/share/autostart/FILE)

Currently my Kubuntu uses 222mb right after startup.

Also i'm investigating why the programs I really need (kmix, klipper, etc) are taking so much ram. first results showed that at least 4megs are used to store font data (allocated by qHBNewFace() call in src/gui/text/qfontengine_ft.cpp, and this is not shared across different processes!)

Please share any additional ideas on how to reduce memory footprint of KDE.

четверг, 22 декабря 2011 г.

Lokalize in 4.8

What's new in Lokalize from KDE 4.8:

Translation memory based QA: you can have a permanent list of translator's false friends and check your TM (which can be made to reflect all your project) against them whenever you like. Because the check is done based on TM and not real files, this should work much faster [than pology]. And you can even add this list to your language dir in SVN repository to share it among other team members, the way it is done with glossaries.

* better support for real world glossaries, including large ones;
* improvements in XLIFF support (part of them contributed by Albert Astals Cid)
* faster UI
* some 14 bugfixes (apart from what was available in 4.7.x updates)

I'd like to say 'thank you' to all bug reporters. Apart from QA feature, all other changes were made as a reaction to user requests.

пятница, 22 июля 2011 г.

internationalization at desktop summit

So i got my German visa today, this means i will attend Desktop Summit.

I registered proposal for i18n-related BoF and hope to see as much translators as possible there ;)