пятница, 20 марта 2015 г.

Coverity scan results for KF5

I have initiated coverity scan for 96 KF5 repositories out of 233 available to kdesrc-build. All the rest didn't build on my machine either because debian still ships Qt 5.3 or for some other reason. The scan has found 610 new defects, and there are more pre-existing ones that were found two years ago.

Please have a look at the results and fix defects that are in the code you know. If you still are not a member of 'KDE' project @scan.coverity.com please register there and send a membership request. Being a member means that you can mark defects as 'done' or 'false positive'.

I will retrigger scan in several weeks.

3 комментария:

Ivan Čukić комментирует...

Hi, thanks for doing this.

I have one question, though.

I might be blind, but I can not find how to filter the results on a specific framework (essentially, to filter on the file path; or, at least, to show the file path in the results).

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

there is a 'filepath' column - you just need to scroll to the right and then click on it to sort results by filepath.

Ivan Čukić комментирует...

Strange, in some views it shows, in some not. (and I don't have it in the 'columns' tab in the settings)

Thanks, at least I found a view that shows it. :)