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Lokalize for KF5, Windows and OS X

...and how to implement KUniqueApplication functionality on win+osx (scroll down for this).

I have finished porting Lokalize to KF5, you can build it using kdesrc-build script.

Also I'm working on a stripped down version of Lokalize for Windows and for OS X which doesn't need KDE. Follow the links to get .exe and .app prebuilt for you (Windows XP+, OS X 10.9+)

Remember this is the first public preview release, so don't expect more than simple editing of PO and XLIFF files. Features that are missing but are planned for integration into win+osx versions:
- File search and replace window with Quality Assurance feature
- Spellchecking
- Stemming for the glossary
- Calling odf2xliff and xliff2odf console tools from Lokalize
- Polishing

Please report bugs, crashes and features you would like to be implemented first down in the comments.

KUniqueApplication: please see a code inside Q_OS_WIN32 in main.cpp for the way how to open files in an app instance that is already running. For OS X you only need to install an event filter on qApp that reacts to QFileOpenEvent event.

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Albert Astals Cid комментирует...

Lokalize doesn't need KDE, at most it needs KDE Frameworks ;)

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

yes )) actually Lokalize for win and osx is going to need one of KF5 frameworks -- sonnet. but first i need to write a native NSPellChecker plugin for it.

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

P.S. 7 bugs.kde.org entries have been resolved for Lokalize, more to come

Manuel Souto Pico комментирует...

It seems the link to get the .exe is broken. Could you please upload it again? Thanks!

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...


Unknown комментирует...

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