пятница, 24 июля 2009 г.

Testing KDE 4.3 translation with Lokalize

I created Lokalize script to automate UI translation testing: it compiles currently opened PO file and puts it under ~/.kde where KDE can see it, so that when you start your application next time, it will use your translation.

To use it for your language (you'll need Lokalize coming with KDE 4.3):

cd trunk/l10n-kde4
svn up scripts
dolphin scripts/lokalize

then open Lokalize with project for your language, go to Project -> Configure project -> Scripts and drag-n-drop msgfmt.rc from dolphin to the settings area in Lokalize. Restart Lokalize. You should see a new item under Tools menu.

To make this script available automatically for all your team members copy this msgfmt.rc to l10n-kde4/LANG/lokalize-scripts (they will also need to svn up trunk/l10n-kde4/scripts).

Now a few words on packages.
I have been given write access to Debian KDE packaging repository (thanks to Sune Vuorela), where I was able to specify right dependencies and recommended packages for Lokalize. If any of other distro packagers are reading this, please sip on the spec.

P.S. I installed kde 4.2.96 packages from debian experimental (it conflicts with kdevelop package, so I reinstalled kdevelop manually with dpkg -i kdevelop_3.9.94-1_i386.deb afterwards).