суббота, 2 января 2010 г.

Skreener 0.1 Preview Release

For the last 4 month me and several other people (see the sourcecode) had been working on a new piece of software called Skreener, to FLOSS-replace the proprietary and GTK-based Wink, tutorial and presentation creating software.

Skreener is most suited for showing how to use software, and not for showing animation effects. The main difference between Skreener and recordmydesktop (and the like) is that Skreener takes usual screenshots only once per second, and mouse cursor smooth movement is then restored during the playback. For this purpose SVG format is used (Wink generates Flash movies). This allows you to easily cleanup recorded screencast by removing non-essential frames, making the mouse cursor go strictly to the target position.

Today I decided to release the first public preview release of Skreener, just for the case if someone else decides that he is fed up with uncontributable Wink. Basic functionality is implemented, To be done is adding comments (continuing only when user clicks 'continue'), polishing.

example screencast (archived, 800 kb)
example screencast (immediate, safari-displayable, firefox-not, other browsers flicker)

On the project page, .deb package and win32 build are available.