понедельник, 20 апреля 2009 г.

I'm back

I'm back to Lokalize development with addition of support for storing XLIFF inline markup in translation memory (including mechanism for matching inline tag id's). Gotta make the sprint until KDE 4.3 hard feature freeze (means I'm staying home for May holidays).

Lokalize also got the first real contributor (I only was getting small patches before) - Viesturs Zarins. He rewrote projectmodel in a nicer way because it became broken in KDE 4.2. Now we have statistics calculated automatically for all project dirs in background thread.

I'm packing my beg now for the two-day trip to Mykolayiv (~500 km away from Kiev, 14 hours on the train - I think there's almost no chance that the situation will be improved by the time for UEFA Euro 2012) to attend KDevelop Developer Meeting in hope to take part in bug hunting (gotta few on my list) and overall preparation of KDevelop for 4.0 release. This is going to be my first real world hacking session, so I'm a little nervous ;))