четверг, 20 мая 2010 г.

Lokalize in KDE SC 4.5

Lokalize, the KDE translation tool, saw an evolutional development during 4.4-4.5 period. Most of the changes are bug fixes. I'd like to say 'thanks' to Papp Laszlo, Hungarian translator and Chakra developer (among other things), for doing a lot of work in this regard.

As for the features, the most essential changes are:
* filestats is cached on a disk now, so the initial project scan is alot faster now.
* translation memories are improved in terms of target language: now Lokalize should be more suitable for separate projects (when .po files for all languages are in the same folder)
* simple project creation is back
* glossary storage is rewritten to use QDom classes (should eliminate any previous related crashes).