воскресенье, 8 марта 2009 г.

Lokalize enforces workflow

Last week I added workflow phases support to Lokalize (XLIFF only). A person defines his/her role in the project [settings], and then corresponding phase is created automatically when file first changes (an old phase opened by same person is reused if found).

You may list phases, create them manually as well as add notes to them.

Also I added xliff extended states support. I did this in a smart way - there is still two-state button, which selects extended state depending on kind of the current phase (needs-translation/translated for translation phase, needs-translation-review/signed-off for review phase),
with drop-down menu to select specific state manually.

So what for translator is ok (translated), for reviewer is not (i.e. rendered in italics), and needs to be signed-off.

This allows us to achieve something interesting: we now able to see in which phase (and hence by whom) the translation unit was modified last time. This info is shown in Metadata toolview (previously known as 'Message Context').