среда, 25 июня 2014 г.

Lokalize for KDE5, QThreadPool

Hello everyone. I have started porting Lokalize to KDE5. Lokalize is computer-aided translation system that can be used to translate KDE and any other open source project into differenet human languages.

Currently it starts and even loads .po files, as well as adds them to translation memory.

During the porting i found out that ThreadWeaver has changed dramatically and decided to port to QThreadPool instead. The only feature missing in QThreadPool for me is dequeueing individual jobs (that have not been stated to execute yet). I have implemented this feature and created the jira issue with patch review request. So if any of Qt developers read this, I ask you to review this short patch so that it ends up in Qt 5.4.

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Heiko Tietze комментирует...

Lokalize is the worst l10n tool I know. Multiple nested tab orgies, crude workflow, non conform controls etc. I don't want to blame you - of course you just ported it -, but doesn't it make sense to start from scratch?

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

please be more concrete. which tool is the best for you?

Анонимный комментирует...

I absolutely love Lokalize, and have done so since day one.

Been using it for KDE and openSUSE translation since 2008 I guess.

It pwns KBabel or any other PO-file editor I've seen.

The productivity is incredible thanks to the translation memory and the "alternate translations" (diffs for changed strings) and synchronization of different branches.

With Lokalize translating is almost too easy.

Maybe the initial setup is a bit complicated for smaller translation tasks. But if you're translating major projects with multiple branches and whatnot over a sustained period Lokalize is just soooo effective.

I consider Lokalize one of (quite a few) gems in the KDE application portfolio.