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Lokalize for Windows and OSX with spellcheck

New Lokalize builds for WIndows 7+ and OSX 10.9+ with spellcheck available (both 64-bit):

win mirror 1 win mirror 2
osx mirror 1 osx mirror 2

Lokalize will use spell dictionaries installed with LibreOffice 5 (please install it in default location), also on OSX few system-shipped dictionaries will be used for spellcheck, but for glossary stemming feature you still need to install LibreOffice with at least English dictionaries.

If windows build fails to start saying msvcp140.dll is missing then install this microsoft vc2015 redistributable

Unfortunatelly full open source OpenDocument translation toolchain (get .odt -> extract strings into .xlf -> translate it -> merge translation back into .odt) is unusable at the moment because of bug #3239.

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Vincenzo комментирует...

Please, could you explain hot to get it working?
I'm trying it on a Windows 10 machine (with LibreOffice 5.0.2), but I can't see any spell checker.

Thanks in advance.

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

it searches in the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 5\share\extensions\dict- where is a two letter language code, for example C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 5\share\extensions\dict-ru for Russian.

i tested this on windows 7 only.

Also in you translation files a proper target language has to be set. you can check the current language by hovering mouse cursor over translation field: in the tooltip you will se the target language being used and information about found (or not found) spellcheck dictionaries.

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

C:\Program Files (x86)\LibreOffice 5\share\extensions\dict-LL where LL is a language code. also make sure you have installed dictionaries for your language (can be selected during libreoffice install -- or as a separate package for osx)

Vincenzo комментирует...
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Vincenzo комментирует...

Thank you for your reply, Nick.
All seems set properly.
The dictionary for the default target language is installed and in the right path.
Hovering the translation field, the tooltip displays the expected language, but I can't see neither a spell checker menu entry nor an inline spell checking.
I'll try on a different OS version.

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

what is your target language? i guess Italian?

also please try if it works for other languages - maybe the problem is with encoding of the dictionaries.

Vincenzo комментирует...

You guessed right ;)
I already tried switching between different languages (source and target) for the installed LO dictionaries, with no success.
I'll keep you posted if I find something new.

Thanks for your help,