понедельник, 2 ноября 2015 г.

Coverity scan results for KDE 15.12 (master branch)

I have triggered another round of Coverity static analysis of KDE codebase, this time more than 180 repositories were built out of 253 including frameworks, almost all the base/workspace apps, krita, kdevplatform, konversation, marble.

To view analysis results you need to be a member of KDE Coverity project. If you are not yet then please send an appropriate request in Coverity describing your role in KDE and one of KDE Coverity project admins will approve it.

2 комментария:

Boaz Dodin комментирует...

How about to post some summary of the results and especially a comparison to the previous results?

Why should someone interested in the above info (like me), need to be a member of any group?!?

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

i think the membership is done because Coverity finds security issues.

It is dificult to compare the results because previously only half of the packages were built.