суббота, 21 февраля 2009 г.

First results implementing OpenDocument translation workflow

This is how OpenDocument translation workflow will look like in KDE 4.3: Screencast

Don't try to do it yourself right now ;) This requires the latest (unreleased) versions of translate-toolkit trunk and kdelibs trunk.

Implications of achieving this
I plugged kross nicely into Lokalize: I introduced 'project kinds' -- each has it's own set of scripts, so that you have 'Merge into ODF' for OpenDocument translation, and 'Widget Text Capture' for GUI/KDE projects.

These actions, as well as few others (see kde l10n svn and kde ru l10n svn for their plug example) are written in python. I plan to create a separate scripting API docs for Lokalize, but for now you can just rgrep Q_SCRIPTABLE KDE/kdesdk/lokalize to get list of available methods.

This mechanism will make implementing business-logic easy. Examples are action to send your translation to project's editor (translation team leader) and action to commit your work to [svn] repository if you have write access to it.

I want to say thanks to Sebastian Sauer for giving me the green light for kross-extending commits, and Wynand Winterbach for commiting the patch to translate-toolkit.
Once I've got the thanks section, I'd also like to mention NLNet Foundation which funds my current efforts and KDevelop team, which makes those efforts efficient (today I opened whole kdelibs in KDevelop, and it took 15 minutes and 0 crashes to scan it completely ;) )

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WarDron комментирует...

Nice to know, that brand new and interesting full-fledged CAT is under way. You're doing the great job! Yet, aren't you thinking of putting this feature into 4.2.1's version of Lokalize? I mean... As a translator, I would appreciate that...