понедельник, 9 февраля 2009 г.

Comment your translations

It it sometimes useful to leave a note for an individual translation (for example when you're unsure about some term). Since some time ago scripty (a daemon which updates KDE translation files to reflect the current state) started to preserve comments in GETTEXT PO files. XLIFF standard supports notes too. So this week I was addding notes support to Lokalize.

Notes mechanism may also be used for bookmarking, as Lokalize now allows quick searching including notes (I added 'options' button to set additional filtering critera). Check this out on the video.

I wrote a simple python-based action to merge translated XLIFF file back to .odt document. Next week I'll be writing patches for traslate-toolkit to support on-the-fly conversion and filling <file origin""> attribute, and now I'm preparing a patch for Kross to help me make organizing project-specific scripts easy.

I also added UI reflection of 'recovered from autosave' state. You'll need kdelibs>=4.2.1 for autosave to work properly though.

Compiling Lokalize from trunk under KDE 4.2

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