пятница, 22 апреля 2011 г.

creating passion, not creating product

this phrase have caught me in Dion Moult's blogpost "The kde-www war: part 4"

this is actually the main idea behind some scientific theory of society. 'economics should be transformed into pedagogics': people should learn how to make products like food, clothes, buildings, railways, electronic equipment, and the side effect of their learning would be real products.

but nowadays most of the people take part in activities focused on creating consumer products, and get [minimal needed] knowledge only as a side-effect.

the point in the pedagogics society is that when you have learned smth, and also tought it to others, you move on to another industry field. this way you never get bored, and you feel yourself a human, not a non-conscious machine that does same thing all the time.

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reldruH комментирует...

I'd imagine the problem with that is that as soon you reach equal efficiency with somebody with lots of training and experience you leave to start something else you don't know how to do and somebody else at the lowest level of efficiency replaces you. How do you overcome that?

fkefer комментирует...

Unfortunately this is where all our "higher education" tends to go: knowledge only to the extent needed to create products; hardly anybody understands people who learned ancient Greek or Latin in school - what for? Guess what: for myself!

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

> somebody else at the lowest level of efficiency replaces you.

one thing 'the master' should ensure is the quality of the products created by his students, not the speed/efficiency.

so instead of someone hiring one man that does it fast, several people do the same job. in current society it is not possible because plant owner should optimize his expenses on the labour.

but because there is lots of people and because the machinery/automatization level is very high, we shouldn't worry about efficiency.

mankind has achieved such high efficiency level in producing useful goods like food, clothes, transport and so on, that lots of people are left doing less useful things.

In 'Gendarme in New York' movie (1965, with Louis de Funès) there is caricature on this: in USA a special machine for stiring the salad is advertised. this is what should interest people in America while in 3rd countries people are starving, and american soldiers kill them (Vietnam, Iraq and there is more coming soon).