вторник, 14 сентября 2010 г.

KDE on Mac test report

So I tried running KDE apps I miss on Mac on Mac Snow Leopard (kdevelop and kopete mainly).

I installed macports following procedures on their site, issued sudo port install kdenetwork4 (kde version is 4.4.x).
I also wrote simple Portfiles for kdevelop 1.0.2., but couldn't run a dbus session using the command given me in the terminal after each kde package install. To fix this i edited /Library/LaunchAgents/org.freedesktop.dbus-session.plist and changed OnDemand and Disabled options in it to the opposite values.

Unfortunately KDevelop crashed after i tried importing a project (you can see the backtrace on the screenshot). Other apps like KTorrent, Kopete, Lokalize are usable (although being a little ugly in the terms of appearance).

4 комментария:

apol комментирует...

Actually it would be interesting if you could report the crash, maybe it can help us fix some issues.

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

i want to compile a debug version of kdelibs, then do some investigating myself first. so currently the backtrace in the screenshot is all info i have

Pierre комментирует...

I switched to Mac recently and I totally miss KMyMoney. Macport has the 1.0.5 version, as you seems to know how to write portfiles, is it difficult to do it for KMyMoney 4 ?

Nick Shaforostoff комментирует...

you just take a Portfile of another kde package, like ktorrent or soprano, and adjust it for your package, then create a local port repository with the new Portfile -- read documentation on macports site for the details. took me a hour until port install kdevplatform4 was successful.